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  • Help improve Corporate Culture
  • Attract and retain high-end Millennial Talent
  • Build a stronger emotional connection to the Brand

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Why Join This Program?

  • Improve Corporate Culture by engaging employees to come together in a worthy Cause and Make A Difference.

  • Helps Companies attract & retain high level Millennial talent as this demographic wants to work for Companies that they can take pride in.

  • Offers the ability to consistently reach-out to employees and keeping them engaged by providing updates on the number of meals provided throughout the year.

  • Each Employee receives a discount Mobile App and the opportunity each Month to win a Cruise Vacation offering massive savings throughout the year.

  • The assessment tool not only provides a clear understanding of where the Company is and the areas they need to work on but offer the ability to track results by taking this assessment several times throughout the year.

  • You strengthen the emotional connection to your Brand by Feeding those in need but by accomplishing this as a Team and engaging everyone so they all know they are responsible for Doing Good.

Meet The RTG Team Building Team...

Stephen Clarke

Jamil Graham

Svetlana Ratnikova

Andrea Alonso

Mark Laxton

Dylan Clancy

Warren Coughlin

Hibba Mustafa

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